The New Elephant: Why America Should Intervene in the Georgian-Russian Conflict

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why America Should Intervene in the Georgian-Russian Conflict

The Russian bear is slumbering no more. The period of hibernation is over.

The unfolding incursion of Russia into sovereign Georgia is a chilling event, to be sure. This invasion by Russia of a democratic nation such as Georgia is evidence that Russia has taken the proverbial "one step back to take two steps forward" hailed as the modus operandi of Marxism. It has been years since Russia has shown such military might and is living proof that Communism is not dead; in fact, Communism in the former Soviet Union bloc is alive and well and is beginning to rear its ugly head once again.

Vladimir Putin makes no bones of his former career in the Soviet KGB. He is essentially leading a communist revolution in Russia as we speak. However, instead of appealing to the "bourgeoisie" as before. Putin and the Kremlin are targeting Russia's elite and former Soviet comrades to revive the Great Bear of the North.

This is a serious threat to U.S. national security. The threat is not necessarily that Russia has invaded a sovereign, peace-loving nation such as Georgia. The threat is that Russia is embracing its tragic history. The threat is also that there is a massive Muslim movement in Russia that is being spearheaded by the state itself. It is a controlled form of Islam, attempting to intertwine the economic and social idiosyncrasies of Communism with the intolerance of Islam. There are state-sanctioned mosques in Russia and the Russians are trying to influence the role that Islam has in Russian society with the "Muslim Spiritual Department" (please see NY Times article referenced prior).

A resurrected Soviet Union, in collaboration with radical Islam, spells trouble for democracies of the West. It is imperative, then, that the United States do more than call for Russia to reverse course in its inquest into Georgia. At the least, if Russia does not pull its troops out of Georgia within 72 hours, the United States needs to send forces (not peace-keeping forces, such as were familiar in Bosnia in the 1990's) to bolster the Georgian forces and repel the Russian invaders.

America may now be in an ideological battle with two evil forces: radical Islam (some would argue Islam in general) and a rejuvenated Communism. The end goal for both of these ideologies are to take over the world. The merger of these two could result in a force to be reckoned with for decades to come.

It is time for America to flex its muscles and repel Communism once again. As Barney Fife, the bumbling deputy from Mayberry, used to say, "Nip it in the bud." We need to squash this before it is allowed to gain root. If not, we may be saying to each other every day upon leaving company, as Edward R. Murrow ended his broadcasts, "Good night...and good luck."


Anonymous said...

Some history of the area needs to be presented to if my comment is to be understood.

The South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast was established in 1922 by the U.S.S.R.
and remained a part of the U.S.S.R. inside Georgia until it failed. The new Georgian government declared their government as illegal and took away the freedoms the Ossetians had lived under since 1922. They Ossetians refused to accept the loss of their local government and have been in rebellion until the present. Over 90 percent of the Ossetians are duel citizens of both Georgia and Russia. One way of understanding their local government would be to compare an American Indian Nation and the US Government.

When the army of Georgia decided to attack and kill every Ossetian the Russian’s moved in to stop it . THEY HAD ALREADY KILLED 1,400 Ossetians .

This is where we find the situation today. When the Serbs attempted to wipe out the Arimeans in Kosvo, America did exactly the same thing to stop them and we bombed Serbia.

You can think for yourselves as to whether or not Bush is in order with his comments to Russia.
The people of Kosvo were not American citizens yet we felt a moral duty to protect them. If 1,400 American Citizens had been murdered just south of our boarder what to you think we would have done?

You decide?

Justin Johnson said...

The problem here is not that Russia has decided to "protect" the citizens of South Ossetia. The problem is that Russia wants to institute regime change. This is proven by the recent comment by the Russian UN ambassador that "sometimes elected officials become obstacles."