The New Elephant: Congratulations, Rush!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Congratulations, Rush!

Rush Limbaugh is a true American broadcasting hero. Not only does he reach over 20 million people each week with his hugely successful radio show, he affects the thinking and ideaology of many Americans. The fact that he uses this power, for the most part, to the betterment of society, is a true testimony to his love and adoration that he has for his country. Every day at noon EST, Rush sets the nation's radio waves on fire with his spot on commentary and scathing, critical condemnation of the liberal left.

While Rush is not perfect by any means (i.e. - painkillers, messy divorce, etc), he is an American whose contribution to our culture and society should be celebrated. While listening today, the 20th anniversary of birth of the Rush Limbaugh Show, listeners were able to hear a sincere congratulations from President George W. Bush, former President George H.W. Bush and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. This exchange, in my mind, shows just how influential that Rush Limbaugh really is. To hear these leaders (no matter what your opinions on them are) fawn over Rush for that moment, the listener really could get a sense just how deep into the American persona Rush Limbaugh has probed. That the sitting President, a former President and a former governor of Florida would call to congratulate Rush is pretty cool.

I must say that I do not always agree with Rush on some things, but the passion with which he delivers his message is not only infectious, but inspiring. It will be hard to replace Rush when his Maker calls for him. It is with deep appreciation that I say to Rush, "Thanks, Rush!"

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